Overview of Orders Grid

Overview of Orders Grid

Orders Grid: 

This section will display a list of orders from TikTok. You can also look at all the details of each order from the order grid. The order listing grid allows you to search orders by TikTok Shop Order ID. This way, you can narrow down your search for specific orders more easily.

In the grid, each column provides specific information about your orders. Here are the details of each column:
  1. TikTok Shop Order ID: This will be the order ID on TikTok Shop.
  2. Fulfillment Type: This column indicates the fulfillment type, signifying whether the order is shipped by the merchant or by TikTok.
  3. Customer Name: This will display the name of the customers who have placed an order on TikTok.
  4. Created On: This column indicates the date when the order was created.
  5. Price: This includes the price of the product, as is displayed on TikTok Shop along with the additional charges, like delivery. 
  6. Order Status: This column displays the current status of the order on the connector module. Possible statuses include:
  1. Awaiting Shipment: When an order is placed on TikTok Shop & created on the Etsy store, it is initially marked as 'Awaiting Shipment'.
  2. Awaiting Collection: When you opt for the "Shipped by Seller" shipping method to fulfill a package, the order status will transition to "Awaiting Collection" before the order is packed and shipped.
  3. In Transit: When you choose the "Shipped by seller" shipping method to fulfill a package, the order status, initially marked as "Awaiting Collection", will transition to "In transit" once TikTok Shop receives tracking information from the carriers.
  4. Delivered: These orders have reached their intended destination and have been successfully delivered.
  5. Completed: If an order is successfully delivered, and no return or refund request is made by the buyer, the status will automatically change to 'Completed' within 14 days from the delivery date.
  6. Canceled: The order placed by a buyer can be canceled by the merchant or the buyer himself via the app by providing a proper reason. The status of the same will be updated on TikTok Shop.
Note: At the top of the order listing grid, you can view counts of orders based on their status.

Fetch Orders: 

You can easily fetch your TikTok Shop orders & create them on the app. This will allow you to stay updated on any new orders placed on TikTok Shop.
To retrieve new orders, simply select the 'Fetch Order' option available on top of the order listing grid & Within some minutes, any newly placed orders will sync to the app.


You can search for an order using any of the following filters:
  1. Fulfilled Type: You can select either Ship by Merchant or Ship by TikTok Shop 
  2. Created at: You can search for an order by specifying the date it was created.

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