Overview of the Application

Overview of the Application

CedCommerce is a leading multichannel enabler, catering to 50,000+ happy customers across 25+ countries with more than 100+ solutions.

The eBay multi-account connectivity will help every merchant turn their sales journey on eBay into magic aking it seamless, and highly efficient in experience across product, inventory, and order management. CedCommerce makes sure you can adapt to critical fulfilment needs in real-time.

Our constant efforts in facilitating best-in-class and affordable eCommerce solutions catered with 24X7 live customer support services have been awarded 5 Times in a Row under the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program.

CedCommerce eBay Integration

CedCommerce eBay Integration Solution is designed to help Shopify merchants effortlessly sell on eBay by connecting all their eBay seller accounts.

With our app, you would be easily able to get:

Simplified Onboarding

Oversimplified onboarding eliminates all the hassles and complexity of setting up the application, onboarding and utilizing it by saving you the precious time involved in these processes.

Multi-Account Setup

Sell on multiple eBay regions with the new and improved Integration for the eBay application. It lets you connect eBay seller accounts to the app irrespective of their region.

Account Based Settings

The app empowers you to set account-based settings by customizing various import and upload setups for specific accounts.

Product Management

Easily list Shopify products on eBay. The app fetches the product details from your Shopify Store and lets you create the same on eBay. You also get to edit the title, details, and pricing from the app before uploading it to the eBay marketplace.

To simplify product management, the app, CedCommerce eBay Integration lets you create and streamline the listings through the below-mentioned features.

  1. Templates: Choose the most relevant category for each product to ensure it reaches the right audience. Customize details like titles, descriptions, prices, and inventory directly within the template
  2. Profiles: Group products and assigns various business policies (Shipping, Payment & Return) and Templates (Category, Inventory, Price & Title) to upload a number of products in just a few clicks.
  3. Description HTML Setup: Edit and modify the product description to enhance the listing on eBay. A catchy and stylish listing gets more attention. 
  4. Listing Selected Variants: The CedCommerce eBay Integration lets you list selective variants on eBay, letting you keep exclusives reserved for Shopify.
  5. Disable Products: The products that serve no purpose or are not being sold anymore can be disabled. Disabling products moves unwanted products to a different section, letting you de-clutter your product grid and manage listings easily.

Order Management

Fetch the orders received on eBay to your Shopify store & fulfil them.

  • Modifying Order Details: Modify and update your eBay order details with the shipping address, customer details and Shopify order tags and name.
  • Account-Based Order Setting: Customize your eBay orders by updating TAX, inventory behaviour, order cancellation reasons, and auto-sync setting. Also, you get to select whether or not you wish to manage the orders coming through eBay from the App.

Set Currency Conversions

Now you get to convert your Shopify currency depending on the eBay website. It eliminates the constant struggle of converting the prices with respect to each eBay selling region.

Shopify Warehouse Location

Option to select a specific warehouse for managing inventory. In spite of the inventories in other warehouses, the inventory for a particular product will only be synced from the selected warehouses.

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