Sync Product With the Shopify Store

Sync Product With the Shopify Store

Sync product details from the Shopify store to the Walmart Integration app

You can perform “Sync with Shopify” for

  • all products at once or
  • individual products

To synchronize the product details from Shopify Store to the Walmart Integration App, and follow the process given below:

  1. Go to the Walmart Integration App.
  2. Click the Product menu.
  3. Click Manage Product. The following page opens up:sync product with Shopify store
  4.  To Sync all products with Shopify, click the checkbox to Select all products. Then select Sync with Shopify from the dropdown and click the Action button.Sync with Shopify
  5. And if you want to Sync individual products with Shopify, select that product by clicking on the checkbox, then select Sync with Shopify from the dropdown, and click the Action button.Sync with Shopify

Note: You can select more than one product while performing “Sync With Shopify.”

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